Why PTSD + PCOS = T.E.A.

My mom is an avid tea drinker, and both my dad and step dad are coffee drinkers. Naturally, I grew up liking both, tho I can drink tea without sugar, coffee has to be more like dessert!

Before I moved I would have my lunch every Friday with my mom.  Tea was always involved.  Nothing goes better with conversation than a warm cup of tea.  Something about letting the cup warm your hand while you sip slowing is perfect for conversation and comfort.  I remember my great grandmother giving us kids a warm glass of milk with honey whenever we were feeling sick.  Somehow it was comforting, even though milk is probably the last thing you would think to drink when you are sick!

I find as I get older, I am opening up more about PTSD and PCOS.  I never thought I would share it in a blog with others, and never did I think those others would be strangers who would grow into friends.  I have been journaling and writing poetry since I was in grade school, but such raw openness with others besides my family is completely new.

So now I have another comforting meaning for tea, Tell Everyone Around.  It’s not so bad opening up about your issues.  We all have them! I thank the blogger who shared the quote below, as it is true.  You will never know how strong you are until troubles come your way. You may not feel very strong right now, but looking back, you will be.


Today was International Women’s Day. This quote was in the lobby of where I work. One of my patients stopped me in the hall to specifically point it out. He expressed how meaningful it was for him, in light of our discussions during our weekly group. I am also a tea lover and I was […]

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  1. I am so happy you enjoyed the quote! That particular patient likes to collect meaningful ones for me. It is really very touching.

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