Dark and Dreary, so alone and cold
Full of Curiosity, but afraid to be bold
Covered thick in pity, no way to escape
Who is there to help her?
Would anyone see?
Wondering, stumbling in the darkness
Nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp
As she falls into sorrow, For her there is no love
What is the meaning of beautiful?
What is happiness?
Who is going to love her?
Would anyone hold her?
The sadness in her soul, it’s thicker than blood
You can see it in her face, a tear escapes your eye
You see her walking, her head is down low
No self confidence, No one showed her enough care
I stare at her, she could be beautiful
Why does she have this life?
I look at her
It makes me want to cry
Especially when she wonders,
What would it be like to die?
What can I possibly do, her thoughts thick and heavy
anger runs thick through her blood
Pain and Sadness are in her soul
I reach out to touch her, that’s when I gasp
For what I am touching…
It’s nothing but glass


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  1. I’m glad you came out of that place and shared it, this poem is beautifully written. I’m not the best with poetry but I did understand some of the pain this comes from.


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