DOG = Doing Observably Great!

Week three of bonding and training Bravo has been challenging, but also loads of fun. Two weeks ago we brought him to Petco for a bath, and he is now nice and shinny, and smells much better! He picked out a toy, carried it to the cash register, and spit out all the cookies and treats the ladies at Petco kept giving him. Never met a dog who didn’t like cookies!

He hasn’t touched his toy since bringing it home, and would rather steal socks off of the couch after I’m done folding them. His personality is finally showing. His too short tail wags in the mornings when we wake up, and wags when we get home from work. It’s not even a nub tail, as its just one little bone that causes a patch of fur on his behind to stick up and move back and forth.

He doesn’t realize how strong and big his feet are, and has started to whop us on the leg or arm when we quit petting him. Such a far way he has come from being unsure of weather or not he even liked to be petted. His nails are still pretty short, but he doesn’t seem to have his feet touched. Will be interesting to see how he behaves when it is time to give his nails a trim!

He still won’t eat dry food, he hates the stuff. He won’t touch it until I mix two spoonfuls of wet yummy dog food goodness. Spoiled already. He has finally decided to give us more trust, by rolling over slightly to get a belly rub. It’s not a full roll over, but it’s getting there!

Our next trust issue to work on is his toy possession. He stole a fork from me after I was done eating and he didn’t like it at all when I had to take it back. Not sure what kind of training he has had before us, but he seems very willing to be obedient. It has gotten to the point we don’t even have to tell him to sit or lay down, and it’s becoming very automatic for him to sit when we take out his leash.

So Bravo “Big Guy” O’Briant had his shots this week, refuses to poop in our yard, and would rather go on the sidewalk in the middle of the neighborhood. His weird quirks fit in quite well. Welcome to the O’Briant family.



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