Poetry Friday: Why PTSD + PCOS = F.A.I.T.H

What causes my faith

Trusting tho I can not see

Through God I know this

Fighting All Insecure Thoughts Heavily

Hurray for the bonus Haiku at the top! I have not really written anything new recently, as I want to publish all of my old poems on my blog first. I was feeling a bit inspired this morning tho, so today on Poetry Friday, you are getting a bit of old and new.

Faith means so many things to so many people. To me, faith is trusting and seeing with spiritual eyes, even though your physical eyes say that everything is impossible. Faith is fighting your insecure thoughts daily, and trusting that if you can be strong and make it through, things will work out in the end. Here is a fictional peice I wrote about untangling life and dealing with life’s troubles back in 2009. Enjoy!

Untangling the Orchestra

It’s not silence that makes the air peaceful around us.  It’s the noise that get’s under our skin sometimes, because it’s human nature to want to connect.  That’s when I realized.  I had come to the river bank to sit.  I needed away from everything, where noises of it all had soaked through my skin so bad it hurt.  It was so peaceful near the water.  I could have floated away that day, never to return.  But it’s the noise that keeps us awake, keeps us connected to the world, so we can come back to reality.

I wanted silence, darkness, but I realized all I needed was a little solitude.  It can never be completely silent.  The sound of the rushing water tickled my ears.  The insects never seemed to rest.  They were very much a part of the air around me, creating an orchestra.  I came for a world of no utterance, not a peep.  It clearly wasn’t here.  To my surprise, I was so glad to find nature singing to me.  It was like a lullaby that your mother sings.  Though your body feels stretched, and your nerves feel wrapped around needles, the soothing sounds unraveled your day.  It soothed me.  I could feel my perspective changing.

The birds chirping, hitting notes humanity could never replicate.  Each little hollow and rock the river flowed upon, it was the calm that took away my sorrows.  The sounds rushing through my ears, making me forget.  I almost didn’t remember why I came here.  My gaze was so focused on the playful insects, leaping and bounding playfully, from flower to flower.  Just when I thought the performance had ended, the wind came, bending and moving the tiny yellow flowers.  They were dancing just for me that day.  I concluded never to detach myself from the noise, just listen for the orchestra.

~Anna Christine May 17, 2009, 7:59:30 AM

photo credit: Reading Concert Orchestra, Hexagon Reading, UK. 1970s ? Les Lawrence, Moods in Music. (photo:anon) via photopin (license)



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  1. Beautiful! I love it! You explained faith so well. ❤️✝


  2. I know I already commented, but I love your posts and I want to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award! If you want to accept it check it out here. 😊
    The Blogger Recognition Award – littlemissmishap

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