Very Important Person

This is how the husband and I felt Saturday on the way to the movies. We still had not decided if we were going to watch Finding Dory, or Central Intelligence, but we had a second agenda as well.

A few months ago, when the newest Star Wars movie came out, we had to feed our inner nerd and go see it. (Loved it!!)  The gentleman at the concession stand told us about their popcorn bundle deal, as well as how much their VIP popcorn bucket was.

VIP + Popcorn = SOLD!!

For $20.00, we can bring in this bucket whenever we go to the movie theater for the entire year, and fill it for $2.00. Additional refills, are also $2.00. We decided to throw healthy eating out the window for a while, and dive right in. This bucket is the size of a spaghetti pot, it’s huge!

Needless to say, despite the fact that this Monday I was starting a 7 day clean eating challenge for my other blog, Saturday, there were no limits. We not only had our minds set to see a movie, but we wanted our VIP bucket filled! We ate the entire initial refill of our VIP bucket during the credits and the first 15 mins of the movie. Because we are firm believers that you can’t sit and watch a movie without popcorn, we had to get a second refill for the rest of the movie! No brainer, of course. So pretty much, we each had one extra large popcorn a piece. By the time I got home I felt sick, and all the sudden very sleep!!!……But I’m not sorry tho, it was delish!!

photo credit: PIC_19362 via photopin (license)


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  1. Which movie did you decide to see? 🙂


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